The conductor jf the ensemble "Voskresenije" , Jurij
Maruk,was born jn the 28 th of July 1961 in Barnaul,West
Sibiria.In 1976 he began to study music and conducting to
the local musical faculty in Barnaul. After finishing musical
scool was admitted at the Novosibirsk State Conservatory
(1980-1985) in Professor Boris Pewsner's class.At this time
,he worked with the Chamber Choir (Novosibirsk) directed by
Boris Pewsner,who was working in close co-operation with
the Wladimir Minin Choir in Moscow. Between 1987 and
1989 Jurij Maruk worked at the Marinskij Theater (opera and
balet) in St.Petersburg as a choir singer.Here he made his
initial experence as a conductor and artistic leaser of the
Marinsij Theater (sacrd music).Between 1990 and 1992 Jurij
Maruk worked as the choir master of the St.Petersburg
Radio and Television Choir. The vocal endemble
"Voskresehije" was founded by Jurij Maruk in 1993.It
consists of professional female and male vocalists. The
repertoire of the ensemble includes Russian Sacred Music
as well as as folklorisric music. Guest perfomances in
Germany,Switzerland,Austria,France and Italy were a great
success.In 1994 and in 1997 , the vocal ensemble recorded
in St.Petersburg and realized in Pforzheim (Germany) their
two CD. They mainly features Sared Music of Russian
composers 17 to 20 century,Western European classics
and tresures of folk music of Russian. In 1990,the vocal
ensemble recorded their new programme for current CD in
St.Petersburg, which we habe the pleasure to present to our
audience. The Vocal Ensemble "Voskresenije"
St.Petersburg Musical Director Jurij Maruk,Conductor
The cast of musicants: Julia Jgareva,
Ekatherina Maruk -Sopran
Olga siluk,Victoria Voronzova-Alt
Andrej Popov,Nicolaj Emzov - Tenore
Vasilij Vasilenko-Bariton
Anatolij Artamonov-Bass Tiffo

 1.The devote man (M.Ippolitov-Ivanov).
 2.Pod Tvoju Milostj.
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